All Symmetry Engine SDKs
Symmetry Engine contains multiple SDKs for different purposes, here is a quick breakdown:

Funds SDK

yarn add @symmetry-hq/funds-sdk
npm install @symmetry-hq/funds-sdk
You can use funds sdk to interact with Symmetry funds program.
  • Create Fund (Index & Actively managed)
  • Edit Fund (Actively managed)
  • Buy Fund
  • Sell Fund
  • Claim Fund underlying assets (without converting to USDC)
  • Trigger rebalancing
  • Trigger reweighing of target weights in the fund composition
  • Trigger refiltering of fund composition
Funds SDK documentation, implementation guide & example use-cases can be found here: Funds SDK
yarn add @symmetry-hq/liquidity-sdk
npm install @symmetry-hq/liquidity-sdk
Funds deployed on Symmetry have the ability to provide liquidity to DEX aggregators whenever asset composition current weights are in a specific range against their target weights, or when there is a need for rebalancing the assets.
This means that the fund token holders earn a 0.05% LP fee whenever their fund's liquidity is utilised by a DEX (swapped) and ensures that the fund doesn't pay LP fees instead for rebalancing.
A project integrating Symmetry Liquidity SDK gains access to efficient liquidity as the SDK provides it with 0 price impact and 0 slippage, at an oracle price.
For documentation & implementation guide, head over to Liquidity SDK