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Here's everything you need to know about Symmetry Points and how to climb up the leaderboards.

Symmetry Rewards Points System Documentation

The Symmetry platform utilizes a comprehensive points system to incentivize and reward users and managers for their engagement and contributions. This system covers several areas of interaction within the platform, as detailed below.

Total Value Locked (TVL) Points

  • Mechanism: Managers accrue points daily, calculated from the total value locked in their baskets. Points are derived by multiplying the TVL by a Basket Age Multiplier.

  • Basket Age Multiplier: This factor adjusts according to the basket's age, starting at 1.0 for new baskets and increasing to a maximum of 2.0 for those older than 360 days.

  • Example: A manager with a basket valued at $1000, using a multiplier of 1.5 for a basket created six months ago, would receive 1500 points that day.

  • Commencement: TVL point tracking initiated in the period between February 24th and 28th, 2024.

Holder Points

  • Allocation: Points are awarded daily to users based on the value of any Symmetry baskets they hold.

  • Exception: Points for basket managers are consolidated under TVL points to prevent double counting.

Volume Points

  • Allocation: Managers are granted points daily, equal to 1/20th of their basket's trade volume.

  • Example: A daily trade volume of $2000 awards the manager with 100 points.

  • Calculation Start: This points calculation began with the launch of Symmetry, based on each basket's total converted volume.

Platform Interaction Points

  • Allocation: Users earn points for interacting with the Symmetry platform through transactions.

  • Formula: The calculation formula is interaction_points = (log(max(interactions/3, 1), base=2) + 1) * 500.

  • Examples: Initial interaction yields 500 points; 5 interactions total approximately 870 points; 100 interactions bring about 3000 points; and after 10,000 interactions, approximately 6300 points.

Referral Points

  • Mechanism: Users earn a 10% share of the points collected by individuals they refer to Symmetry, provided these referred users achieve a minimum level of engagement. This engagement is defined by either having at least 10 interactions with the Symmetry engine or amassing a minimum of 5,000 points. This requirement is designed to discourage the creation of fake accounts and ensure meaningful participation within the platform.

  • Example: If a referred user earns 1000 points each in TVL, Holder, Volume, and Interaction Points in a day, the referrer gains 400 points.

  • Network Benefits: A 1% benefit extends to points collected from users who were referred by your referrals.

  • Referral Bonus: Users referred by someone receive at least 1,000 points as a referral bonus. Special referral links can provide even higher bonus points.

Bonus Points

  • Bonus Points: Additional points are assigned for specific activities, including early interactions within given periods or roles within the community. Users who interacted with Symmetry during February 2024 will be awarded "SMFebruary" Bonus points. Active community members, special Discord role holders, and other contributors will be awarded various bonus points.


Level Advancement Formula: The transition of total points into levels is governed by a specific mathematical formula:

Floor(9.2ā‹…logā”(0.00011Ɨpoints+1)logā”(10)+12Ɨpoints110)\text{Floor}(9.2 \cdot \frac{\log(0.00011 \times \text{points} + 1)}{\log(10)} + \frac{1}{2} \times \text{points}^{\frac{1}{10}})

This formula ensures that as users accumulate points through their activities and contributions, their levels within the platform adjust accordingly to reflect their presence.

This points system is designed to foster active participation and reward users and creators for their contributions to the Symmetry ecosystem, ensuring a dynamic and engaging platform for all participants.

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