Example Use-cases

On this page you'll find potential use-cases & integrations for Symmetry Engine and it's SDKs
There are many use-cases and potential applications for an on-chain asset management infrastructure.
Below are a few examples
Applicable SDKs
Decentralized Index Fund Apps
Funds SDK
An app that lets anyone create an index fund; Analytics
Decentralized Fund Management Apps
Funds SDK
Creation / management of on-chain funds & portfolio strategies;
Treasury management tools; DAOs;
Converting wallet portfolio to a fund
Access to 0-price-impact liquidity
Liquidity SDK
DEX Aggregators
Retail Onboarding Apps
Funds SDK
Crypto Packs (basket of tokens a user buys with a single click through USDC)
Copy-trading Apps
Funds SDK
Converting a wallet address to a fund that changes composition based on wallet transactions
Investing Apps
Funds SDK, Liquidity SDK
Integration of Index/Actively managed fund tokens for trading; Using Symmetry Liquidity for swaps
Ready to build on Symmetry?
Head over to the SDKs page where you'll find all the necessary information on how to get started.